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Local Democrat published, speaks truth about Texas AG, Ken Paxton

Local Democrat, Bill McCann was published this week in the Bastrop Advertiser for speaking truth to power and drawing attention to the alleged criminal activity from Texas’ Attorney General.

Attorney General Paxton needs to act like state’s top lawyer

There is an unseemly odor wafting through Austin. It’s coming straight from the office of Attorney General Ken Paxton. So far the stench has largely been ignored by Republican leaders and by the tea party Texans who helped elect him.

Signs of problems were there before Paxton took office. When running for Attorney General in 2014, he was fined $1,000 by the Texas State Securities Board for soliciting investment clients without being registered, as state law requires.

In August 2015, seven months after he took office, Paxton was indicted by a grand jury in Collin County on two criminal counts of securities fraud and one count of failure to register as a securities agent.
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