BCDP Monthly Community Meeting
May 10, 2018, 7:00 pm. 
Kerr Community Center
1308 Walnut St., Bastrop

June 22, 2015, Commissioners Court Meeting Notes

June 22, 2015, Commissioners Court Meeting Notes
Started with no citizen comments, no bills, no dept. reports and no bonds.
First action was item 5 on list, an addition to the master agreement
with Bowman Consulting Group to include damage assessment and help in
dealing with FEMA for the flood. No estimate of costs, but Tx Dept. of
Ag. may cover. Klaus asked about alternatives, such as doing this work
in house. Pape mentioned that the County Engineer will start on July 1
and may be able to help, since some of this is engineering and
design.Beckett said damage assessment may help bring in money sooner
from the state and feds. Passed
Next a report from KBCB. The state conference in FW awarded Bastrop
Co. 2nd place in enforcement and 3rd place in Community Achievement.
First for the latter was Temple and 2nd was Missouri City. We are in
population category 8 for these awards. We can do MUCH better with
recycling, since Bastrop & Elgin show a 10% rate and Smithville 20%,
while the national rate is 38%. KBCB has produced a brochure on
recycling with a CAPCOG grant. The cities that beat us did so with a
combination of ordinances and incentives, and efforts such as handing
out trash bags at the end of parades. A survey revealed an 86.7%
interest rate among Bastrop businesses. KBCB has contributed over 7K
volunteer hours and removed over 10K lbs. of trash. Their event that
includes a river cleanup, Lost Pines Trail cleanup, run and music is
July 26. The Master Naturalists worked hard to repair LPT, but
recently there has been vandalism again and some members have safety
concerns. A mtg. will take place among interested parties, including
KBCB and local gov’ts soon.
The sheriff asked for an authorization for overtime pay, since they
are so understaffed and those that have earned comp. time are having a
hard time using it. He wanted it to come out of salary savings on the
vacant positions, but Pape asked for a line item instead. Klaus wanted
to use the salary savings, but was overruled. There are 6 vacant
positions and 5 officers involved with training that is cutting into
their work time, making almost 25% of the force. ON the plus side, 2
new hires start next week and they have 4-5 applications as well. Pape
mentioned that they are having a hard time filling jobs and the salary
survey might help with that. So far comp time has not reached
problematic levels and the sheriff is doing a good job keeping it
down, but it is growing. Passed.
Then approved was a refunding of some 05/06 bonds that will save the
county money. It is expected this will save 375-420K by 2026. There is
an upcoming mtg. with rating agencies; S&P rates us lower than others,
but we have never been downgraded, not even after the fire. The amt.
of bonds is 4.65M. Passed.
TreeFolks was funded for another year of planting. This year they are
expected to put in 420K trees, bringing their total to 1.5M, for the
money set aside to put in 1M. Clara remarked what a good job of
managing the funds we are doing. Another year may be funded later.
ALso approved was the submittal of an application for the Edward Byrne
Memorial Assistaqnce Grant. I could not hear the presenter, so I can
report no more on that. Passed.
Salvador Abrejo was appointed by consensus to the Constable Pct. 4
job. He has extensive experience in DPS and the Rangers.
A request to pay for overtime for flood hours for both law enforcement
and general staff was approved. Some staff took comp time and FEMA
reimbursement is expected.
It was agreed to apply to Tx. Dept. of Ag for a CDBG for flood
recovery. THere is 350K available for this.
A resolution from 2013 was amended to provide more documentation of
the requirement for hiring to include Section 3 (low and moderate
income) residents and businesses.
Then we skipped to another item so Mike Fisher could complete his
presentations and get on to work. This was filing a notice of intent
to apply for a grant. The deadline for the notice is July 3. And the
application deadline is July 30. This is for Pre-disaster mitigation
and there are 10 awards only for the entire state. Funding this time
is less as well. First come, first serve, so we need to get in there.
The rest of the mtg. was property matters. Several owners were wanting
to subdivide properties, one person was gifted a small ROW adjacent to
their property and a co. records matter was cleared up in which the
county had taken some land in 1989, reducing the private property from
11 ac. to 9.8 acres and it was not recorded. Pape asked about the tax
history, but no info was available.
Development permit fees were waived where applicable for flood damage
as was done after the fire. NOt much use is expected to be made of
this as most repair work will not require a permit.
And per order of the Tx. Court of Appeals, the resubdivision of lots 1
& 2 in Cedar Hills was voided.
The consent agenda consisted of minutes, treasurer’s report and a few
conservation easements.

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