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May 10, 2018, 7:00 pm. 
Kerr Community Center
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Guidelines for creating Posts and Pages


No Robots Please

No Robots Please

To protect email addresses from malicious robots, please redirect visitors to the Contact Us page when possible as those emails are hidden and updated after elections.

However in those rare instances where you must display an email, use our plugin called Email Obfuscate Shortcode using this syntax including brackets [ ] : [email-obfuscate email="bob@company.com"]

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Light BuldAttempt to use at least one photo in every Page or Post to help the eye snap to the content. Photos can be our own photos generated from events or from open sources such as Wikimedia Commons.

Please resize photos first from high resolution cameras on your local computer and only upload images 1MB or less in memory size or less than 1600 pixels wide in dimension size. WordPress has it’s own internal resizing function, but uploading the original print ready size is not a good practice for memory management or when a photo is clicked to reveal a larger size. Keep Original, Print Ready images on your system or stored in an offsite repository in case print publication work is needed.

Our theme has preset sizes for uploaded images and the size we should for use each place holder is the Medium size which constrains it either to 200px high or 200px wide. The first image should be at the far top and left aligned. Subsequent paragraphs can alternate between right align and left align to break the eye flow. Small photos less than 200px wide or high should not have a link to expand the image, other wise links should be set to the Media file and not the Attachment Page.

If captions are not used, the Alt field should be filled in with descriptive text about the image. If the image contains text then the Alt field should contain that text. Some photos need to be shown at a larger size because of details or for dramatic effect. In that case, place the photo on it’s own line and center align it. Hillary Clinton at the 2008 Convention

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You can create galleries from existing or uploaded images to the media library.  Place them near the bottom of the post as viewers ted not to look for text past the galleries.  Choose 3 columns for layout and choose link to media file (not attachment page)

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Plugins by 3rd party developers can sometimes help a site, but they are also famous for shutting down sites if not poorly coded.  Even plugins that work properly one day may cause a crash in the future if either the core or plugin is updated.

Please contact me before installing any new plugins.

Many of the plugins installed are purchased or donations have been made and thus there are some support avenues if problems or questions arise.

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The calendar is a Google Calendar owned by the Chair address as a secondary calendar and made publicly viewable.  Full share rights are given to the Secretary address, Gretchen, Julia and myself.  The embed into the website is on the Events page expanding the full width as a monthly grid and also below as an agenda.  The grid helps those are more comfortable with spacial views, but it cuts off the event titles in the tiny boxes.  The Agenda view helps those who are comfortable in list views and it shows the full length of the title.

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Gravity Forms is the preferred method for all form creation.  I paid for the developer license and we have full support and upgrades.  The Mail Chimp API Add On is activated and working.  We can also add the Pay Pal Add On to sell items as well.

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Widgets are the blocks that go into the sidebar and into hidden areas at the top and bottom of pages.  There are no backup records or revisioning with widgits, so please be careful in editing or deleting.

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The menus are adjustable under appearance and the top navigation menu is called “Main”  It is a Drag and Drop method of displaying Pages, Categories or Custom URLs.  Nesting creates submenus.

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Read More

For Posts longer than 2 paragraphs, please use a “Read More” insert or sometimes called a “More” tag.  When the Post is read as a single page the entire length is viewable.  However, a Post that prints and scrolls 5 pages long for example will crowd out other posts when aggregated like in a Category page or home page.

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The media library can also be used to store files other than images.  A common example would be for PDF.  After uploading the PDF file to the media library, you can then insert the link into your Page or Post by clicking Add Media.  You can filter by PDF only to help find it.  It is important to fill out the Title as that is the clickable text viewers will see.

For example:  Click the Guidelines to being a delegate to find out how to be a delegate at the convention.

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Post Expirator

For Date Centric posts that primarily list event details and not particularly a news post.  It would be good to use the Post Expirator plugin to assign a drop date (and time) so that Post disappears to the draft folder.

A Date Centric Post example may be:  “Last Day to Register – 6 Oct” you may want to auto expire this on 7 Oct.

A news post that happens to have a date may be: “Garden Party in Smithville on 20 Sep with Lloyd Doggett, Kirk Watson and Leticia Van De Putte” This post will probably not want to be expired.

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Table Press

For long table lists that span over 20 rows, it may be easier to use Table Press to handle the length as it comes with advanced sorting, filtering and exporting features.  Less than 20 rows might be handled using the built in table tools in the editor.

Tutorials can be found here > http://tablepress.org/ I have made 2 donations to the author for both the core plugin and an amazing tool bar add on for exporting.  If you need help I can speak to the author directly.  I also have a few examples created (precinct chairs) if you want to learn by copying.

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Posts can be assigned to one or more Categories and Tags.  For example a Michael Flowers block walk can be assigned to the News, Precinct 4, Facebook and Twitter Categories.  Coincidentally tags can be assigned such as blockwalk, Elgin, etc.  This not only helps with search functions but more importantly for navigation as the Categories help with landing pages that aggregate Posts by Category

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For Pages where a larger width may help present media better, there is an option in the editing menu (right side, near bottom) to turn off the sidebar for that particular page.  It is under Theme Options > Show Default Sidebar on Page > Unchecked

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To embed a video the easiest way is to simply paste the link.  However, you have more control if you use the embed function.  One of the best controls is to remove sneaky related videos to show after the video ends as many spam videos are tagged to act as a related video. Here is an example of a Youtube video from LVP’s website

  1. Click the Youtube icon at the bottom right where the hover tip says watch on You Tube.
  2. The video opens in Youtube and you can pause.
  3. Click the Share button below the video.
  4. Click the Embed button
  5. Take note of the natural dimensions and find the Height to Width (H/W) ratio.  In the example below the video is 315 high /560px wide  = 56.25% ratio
  6. Take note of the Video ID.  In the example below it is vOU6xfpvo0A
  7. Paste the code snippet below on a new line in Text Mode and replace the Video ID and aspect ratio where shown.  This method allows it to resize to any device.

<div style="text-align: center; position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; height: 0; overflow: hidden; width: 100%;"><iframe src="//www.youtube.com/embed/vOU6xfpvo0A?rel=0&amp;showinfo=0&amp;modestbranding=0" width="100%" height="100%" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe></div>

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