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Election Information

4 Nov

November Election

The next general election will take place on Tuesday, November 4, 2014. Eligible Texans who are not already registered to vote must register by October 6, 2014 to vote in the November 4 Election. Early voting is October 20-31. Photo ID is currently required for voting in person. To learn more about photo ID, check out the FAQs or this video with Secretary Berry.

6 Oct

Last Day to Register

1296 days, 15 hours, 48 minutes, 5 seconds ago

20 Oct

Early Voting Begins

1282 days, 15 hours, 48 minutes, 5 seconds ago

31 Oct

Early Voting Ends

1271 days, 15 hours, 48 minutes, 5 seconds ago

The majority of the resources needed to help you find who your current representatives are, what precincts you reside in or where you can vote can be found on source pages that are updated regularly. Here are some helpful links to those sources:


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