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Indictments, guilty plea confirm Russia probe isn’t fake news

Forty-four years ago this month, a beleaguered President Richard Nixon told the world: “I am not a crook.” Turns out he was. Nine months later, cornered by the Watergate scandal, Nixon resigned rather than be impeached. Back then, many congressional conservatives disliked Nixon, believing he was too moderate. But they rallied around Nixon when they thought the liberals were out to get him over Watergate. They regularly attacked the news media for “persecuting” Nixon.

Sound familiar? Read more through link below:

Trump may be the most dangerous person in the world

Who is the most dangerous person on the planet? Is it Kim Jong Un, the rotund North Korean dictator who looks like his hair was trimmed with hedge clippers? Is it stiff-jawed Russian strongman Vladimir Putin who unleashed a war on our national election last year? Or is it serial liar U.S. President Donald Trump, whose administration has been engulfed in self-inflicted chaos since his inauguration in January? My choice is Trump, hands down. Read more through link below

UPDATE on Trump Voter Data Fiasco:

ACLU and Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) have both filed separate federal lawsuits. Nobody is exactly sure what Texas SOS has done at this point, so TDP has submitted a formal request to gain information from them.

Will we falter and lose our freedoms?

A few days ago, you might have enjoyed the day off from work with a family barbecue or maybe you got a great deal on a mattress. Unfortunately, the meaning of Memorial Day has been lost to most of us, myself included. Memorial Day honors those who died fighting in a war. The day is intended to remind us of the sacrifice so many men and women gave to protect our freedoms here. Continue reading

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