BCDP Monthly Community Meeting
May 10, 2018, 7:00 pm. 
Kerr Community Center
1308 Walnut St., Bastrop

2016 County Convention Resolutions

The 2016 County Convention Resolutions Committee prepared, and submitted for passage, the following 51 resolutions. Thank you, Marsha Correira, for your leadership on this committee and your hard work!

  1. In support of Statehood for Puerto Rico
  2. In support of Single-Payer Health Care
  3. In support of Restructuring Texas State Tax
  4. In support of Religious Freedom in Government Affairs
  5. In support of Requiring all Physicians Practicing in Texas to Accept Medicare, Medicaid and ACA Patients
  6. In support of Raising the Minimum Wage in Texas
  7. Opposing the Death Penalty
  8. In support of Union Rights
  9. Opposing Fracking and Disposal Wells
  10. In support of Decriminalizing Marijuana
  11. In support of Bans on Texting and Phone Usage While Driving
  12. Opposing the Religious Test for Texas Office Holders
  13. In support of Religious Freedom of All Texans
  14. In support of Abortion Services
  15. In support of the Removal of Confederate Symbols from State Property and State-Funded Institutions
  16. In support of the Removal of Confederate Symbols from State Property and State-Funded Institution
  17. In support of the Protection of American Birthright
  18. In support of Fair Adjustment of Social Security Benefits
  19. Opposing Tax Exemptions for Religious Organizations
  20. Opposing Unnecessary Limits on Left-Lane Traffic
  21. Opposing all Blue Laws
  22. In support of the United States Postal Service
  23. In support of Eliminating Franking Privileges
  24. Opposing Religious Activities at Democratic Events
  25. Opposing Religion as a Factor in Federal Contracts
  26. In support of Public Schools
  27. In support of Head and Facial Hair Non-Descrimination
  28. In support of Repealing Laws Harmful to Women’s Health
  29. In support of Secular, Apolitical, Accurate Textbooks for Public Schools
  30. Opposing Firearms on School Property
  31. In support of Immunization for School-Age Children
  32. In support of Compliance with Safety Regularions
  33. In support of Protection of Water Rights
  34. In support of Clean-Energy Incentives
  35. In support of Expanding Internet Capability
  36. In support of Protection of Farmland
  37. In support of Diversity Education
  38. In support of Sensible Gun Policies and Victim Support Services
  39. In support of Tax Revenue for Litter Prevention, Environtmental Cleanup and Community Beautification
  40. In support of the Distribution of Landfill Fees for Recycling and Waste Reduction Programs
  41. In support of Equal Rights for LGBTQ+ Individuals
  42. In support of Public Education
  43. In support of Veterans and advocating for Passage of the Fort McClellan Health Registry Act
  44. Opposing Senate Bill 697, the Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act
  45. In support of Health Registry for Certain Veterans
  46. In support of Eliminating GPO/WEP Provisions of the Social Security Act
  47. In support of Public Employee Unions
  48. In support of the Full Legalization of Marijuana
  49. Opposing the Superdelegate (Unpledged Delegate) System within the Democratic Party
  50. Opposing Jail Sentences for Debt
  51. In support of Repealing the Texas Driver Responsibility Act

Several other resolutions were discussed and voted on. These will be listed once they are available for transcription.

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