Local Dem Nominates Top 4 Stupid Statements

Napoleon Bonaparte gets credit for saying: ‘In politics, stupidity is not a handicap.’  Things haven’t changed much since the Little Colonel was marching through Europe 200 years ago. Politicians are still doing and saying stupid things. Continue to full article…

Local Dem Slams Trump as Flim-Flam Man

GOP candidate ‘Trumps’ all con men

If there were any doubts that Donald Trump is the modern day flim-flam king, they were erased last week with the release of court documents about a real estate seminar business called Trump University.     Click here to read full article

Local Democrat speaks to Hypocrisy in Politics

Local Dem Bill McCann once again does an excellent job of representing us in The Bastrop Advertiser by sharing examples of current and historical Republican hypocrisy!  Here is his most recent article.

In Political Arena Hypocrisy Abounds

Former Senator and one-time presidential candidate, Adlai Stevenson, once described a hypocritical politician as one who would “cut down a redwood tree and then mount the stump
and make a speech for conservation.”
Click link for full article: Bill McCann on Political Hypocrites

On Memorial Day

animated flag at half mastAs many of us celebrate the end of the school year and the relief of a three-day weekend, let’s also stop and remember the men and women who have died serving our great country. That, after all, is what Memorial Day is all about.  Have a good and safe holiday.

Local Democrat Published On the Fake Transgender Crisis

Congratulations and Thanks are in order for local Democrat Bill McCann for his recent article on “bathroom bills” and the fake transgender crisis. Good job, Bill!

In case you missed the article in Thursday’s Bastrop Advertiser edition, it is re-published below.


The conservative con is on again.

This time it’s about bathrooms. Actually, it’s not really about bathrooms. It’s about conservative extremists creating a fake crisis over transgender people using public bathrooms in order to pass laws to discriminate against citizens who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender… Continue to full article

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