Dozens of local women will gather on the South Steps of the State Capitol in Austin on Wednesday, March 29 from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. to take part in an event called “Before Abortion Was Legal.” They’ll be reading from a 1993 book that provides intimate accounts of what life was like before women secured the right to a safe and legal abortion.

The book, compiled by Patricia G. Miller, is titled “The Worst of Times: Illegal Abortion.” Its subtitle tells the tale: “Survivors, Practitioners, Cops and Children of Women Who Died Talk About Its Horrors.”

Organizer Marsha Correira of Elgin says she has been haunted by the book since she first acquired it. Only recently, with the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision under attack, did she come up with the plan for a public reading. “A lot of people, especially younger people, have no idea what women who wanted to end a pregnancy had to go through back then,” Correira says. “This book provides an honest look at those awful days.”

The argument against legal abortion, Correira says, is usually based on the belief that human life begins at conception. But, Correira points out, even the Bible disagrees. She cites Genesis, chapter 2, verse 7 in her copy of “The New English Bible,” and reads, “’Then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life. Thus the man became a living creature.’” Human life, Correira and many others insist, begins with the taking of breath. Those who disagree should not attempt to force their beliefs on others. “Each woman,” Correira says, “should be able make her own choice.”

The intention behind the “Before Abortion was Legal” presentation on March 29 is to remind people of the terrible consequences so many faced when abortion was illegal. Correira
hopes a large audience will come to hear the women read.

Bastrop Democrats Offer Civic Scholarship

In honor of one of one of Texas’ best known journalists, the Bastrop County Democratic Party is again offering its annual $1,000 scholarships to local high school students.

The 2017 Molly Ivins Civic Scholarship is open to all high school seniors who areresidents of Bastrop County and will graduate with the class of 2017. The scholarshipcan be used at any accredited technical school, college or university.

Ivins, who died in 2007, was a Texas-based journalist, author and political commentator who pointed out the foibles of politics and politicians through humor.

“The Bastrop County Democratic party is proud to offer this scholarship in the name of Molly Ivins, who through her writing and sharp wit demonstrated the need for citizens to be politically aware and active,” said Chris Smith, chair of the Bastrop County Democrats. “The scholarship, while sponsored by local Democrats, is not about political parties. It is about promoting civic awareness and leadership.”

As part of the application, applicants must include an essay on they plan to participate in their community and nation as responsible citizens.

Students interested in applying for the scholarship should check with their high school counselor. Applications are due by March 4.

Anyone interested in contributing to the Molly Ivins Civic Scholarship may make dedicated contributions to the Bastrop County Democratic Party at P.O. Box 388, Bastrop, TX 78602



MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD! – Where to Go, Who to Contact …

You can make a big difference in defending the values we share as Americans!

The majority of our country believes in decency, moderation, and sanity.  Don’t let the powers that be forget it. We’re working to bring you a more comprehensive list of resources to get involved. In the meantime, spend a few minutes a day visiting Democratic Party websites for current news, updates and events.

Texas Democratic Party (TDP)
1106 Lavaca St #100, Austin, TX 78701
(512) 478-9800

Democratic National Committee (DNC)
430 South Capitol Street SE, Washington, DC 20003
(202) 863-8000

From our County Chair: Hassan and Nitsch for ACC Board of Trustees

At our December meeting, we were happy to have both candidates in the ACC Board of Trustees Place 4 runoff represented. Michael Lewis attended in person and Sean Hassan’s brother, Shagran, attended as a surrogate. Both addresses our Executive Committee and guests and it was nice to compare both candidates in the same meeting as it led to good discussion and a clear distinction between the two candidates.

To be clear, there was no motion for BCDP’s Executive Committee to endorse either candidate, so I am writing this representing only myself.

Both candidates started from humble beginnings, starting their presentations with stories of their upbringings that tugged at my heartstrings and reminded me just why we do the work that we do.

Michael Lewis represented himself well and there is no doubt that he is experienced having spent many years as a Contract Manager and an auditor of schools for the State of Texas. He also spoke of his years of volunteer service to the community. In my assessment, he made the mistake that many candidates make and that is to speak more about their qualifications and stay light on what policy positions they will bring to office. Yes, we all prefer to have qualified representatives in our elected positions. That said, I am much more interested in knowing what a candidate seeks to do while in office.

Shagran’s presentation, on behalf of Sean Hassan, was much more about platform with each plank representing issues that speak to our values as Democrats. Key to the platform is making it easier for lower-income and non-traditional students of the area attend ACC through: better public transportation access, providing on-site and affordable childcare, preserving state funds currently set aside to assist lower-income students (currently at risk to the Lt Gov Patrick and the Abbot administration); and better relationships with high schools allowing students to graduate with more credits toward an Associate’s degree. Additionally, his advocacy for better protections and treatment of ACC staff has earned him the support of the local ACC union as well as the Austin Central Labor Council.

(There is a second place on the runoff. Although, neither candidate for Place 9 has been able to visit BCDP, I personally know Julie Ann Nitsch and she has my full support – also for being an advocate of the community. You can learn more about her here: http://julienitsch.com/)

Not a lot of us get to vote for ACC Board of Trustees. If I were able to, my votes would go for Sean Hassan in Place 4 and Julie Ann Nitsch in Place 9. I urge our Elgin residents who can to cast their vote on Tuesday, at the ACC Elgin campus, for Sean Hassan and Julie Ann Nitsch.

Beware of Scam Vote-By-Phone calls!

We just received word that there are calls being made telling people that they can vote by phone — This is absolutely NOT TRUE!
Don’t be fooled into thinking you’ve voted by pressing numbers on any automated call!
You CAN use your phone to report incidents like this to the state Democratic Party where a team of lawyers stands at the ready for swift action to keep our elections free and fair.
If you experience any problems, please call the hotline at
1-866-OUR-VOTE (866-687-8683)

Other reliable voter information is available here: http://mytexasvotes.org/

Meet Your Local Candidates Lunch -Saturday 10/29 11am – 1 pm

Come out to 386 McDonald Ln W in Cedar Creek (formerly Mr Brown’s Family Barbeque) and have sausage wraps, chips, soda and water while meeting your local Precinct 3 Candidates!

This Saturday, October 29, from 11 am – 1 pm

Mike Renck – Candidate for Sheriff
Mark Meuth – Candidate for County Commissioner, Precinct 3
Alex Peña – Candidate for Constable, Precinct 3

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