Local Democrat published, speaks truth about Texas AG, Ken Paxton

Local Democrat, Bill McCann was published this week in the Bastrop Advertiser for speaking truth to power and drawing attention to the alleged criminal activity from Texas’ Attorney General.

Attorney General Paxton needs to act like state’s top lawyer

There is an unseemly odor wafting through Austin. It’s coming straight from the office of Attorney General Ken Paxton. So far the stench has largely been ignored by Republican leaders and by the tea party Texans who helped elect him.

Signs of problems were there before Paxton took office. When running for Attorney General in 2014, he was fined $1,000 by the Texas State Securities Board for soliciting investment clients without being registered, as state law requires.

In August 2015, seven months after he took office, Paxton was indicted by a grand jury in Collin County on two criminal counts of securities fraud and one count of failure to register as a securities agent.
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Bastrop Resident Debunks Arguments Against Public Education

In case you missed it in a recent Bastrop Advertiser edition, Bastrop resident Bill Haschke shared with us his explaining why we need to take the time to understand the root cause behind our public education issues.


In a March 17th Advertiser article, Mr. Don Loucks lamented current election developments in the Republican Party. He was quick to blame our education system. This is the typical response from those who have been taught by the media that government is always our problem.

Yes, it does seem like our education system has deteriorated over the past 35 years. But it is important to understand the underlying causes. One must also identify the role of our current media landscape in this deterioration of knowledge and morals…  Read the entire article here

Sen. Watson Urges Democrats To Stand United with Nominee

State Senator Kirk Watson delivering his keynote speech

If Democrats are going to win the White House in November, they must unite behind whoever is selected as the nominee, whether it is Hillary Clinton or Sen. Bernie Sanders. That was the key message from State Sen. Kirk Watson, keynote speaker at the Bastrop County Democratic Convention in Bastrop on March 19.

“If we are going to succeed, we need to be united,” Watson told the crowd of more than 100 in attendance. “I’m very proud to be a Democrat right now.”

In contrast to the chaos in the Republican presidential campaign, the two Democrats (Clinton and Sanders) are focusing on the issues “and it is making both of them better candidates,” Watson said. Continue reading

Mike Renck, Democratic Candidate for Bastrop County Sheriff

Mike Renck

Mike Renck

Mike Renck is a third-generation law enforcement officer and 29-year resident of Red Rock. His family roots are in Elgin where his great-grandfather, a circuit preacher for the Baptist Church, arrived around 1865. Mike’s wife Dellamy works for the Bastrop ISD as a speech pathologist. Two of their children attend Cedar Creek schools. Mike’s father and grandfather were officers with the Austin Police Department.

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Dock Jackson, Democratic Candidate, Bastrop County Commissioner, Precinct 1

Dock Jackson

Dock Jackson

Dock Jackson is a fifth-generation Bastropian who has served for 24 years on the Bastrop City Council. He was the first African-American elected to the Council. Dock has worked for Bastrop County for nearly seven years as deputy county clerk and public information officer. He previously was program manager and special events manager at the City of Austin for 16 years and was parks, recreation and special services director at the City of Elgin for eight years. He is past president of the Texas Municipal League and a current member of its Board of Directors and Executive Committee.

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