From our County Chair: Hassan and Nitsch for ACC Board of Trustees

At our December meeting, we were happy to have both candidates in the ACC Board of Trustees Place 4 runoff represented. Michael Lewis attended in person and Sean Hassan’s brother, Shagran, attended as a surrogate. Both addresses our Executive Committee and guests and it was nice to compare both candidates in the same meeting as it led to good discussion and a clear distinction between the two candidates.

To be clear, there was no motion for BCDP’s Executive Committee to endorse either candidate, so I am writing this representing only myself.

Both candidates started from humble beginnings, starting their presentations with stories of their upbringings that tugged at my heartstrings and reminded me just why we do the work that we do.

Michael Lewis represented himself well and there is no doubt that he is experienced having spent many years as a Contract Manager and an auditor of schools for the State of Texas. He also spoke of his years of volunteer service to the community. In my assessment, he made the mistake that many candidates make and that is to speak more about their qualifications and stay light on what policy positions they will bring to office. Yes, we all prefer to have qualified representatives in our elected positions. That said, I am much more interested in knowing what a candidate seeks to do while in office.

Shagran’s presentation, on behalf of Sean Hassan, was much more about platform with each plank representing issues that speak to our values as Democrats. Key to the platform is making it easier for lower-income and non-traditional students of the area attend ACC through: better public transportation access, providing on-site and affordable childcare, preserving state funds currently set aside to assist lower-income students (currently at risk to the Lt Gov Patrick and the Abbot administration); and better relationships with high schools allowing students to graduate with more credits toward an Associate’s degree. Additionally, his advocacy for better protections and treatment of ACC staff has earned him the support of the local ACC union as well as the Austin Central Labor Council.

(There is a second place on the runoff. Although, neither candidate for Place 9 has been able to visit BCDP, I personally know Julie Ann Nitsch and she has my full support – also for being an advocate of the community. You can learn more about her here:

Not a lot of us get to vote for ACC Board of Trustees. If I were able to, my votes would go for Sean Hassan in Place 4 and Julie Ann Nitsch in Place 9. I urge our Elgin residents who can to cast their vote on Tuesday, at the ACC Elgin campus, for Sean Hassan and Julie Ann Nitsch.

Beware of Scam Vote-By-Phone calls!

We just received word that there are calls being made telling people that they can vote by phone — This is absolutely NOT TRUE!
Don’t be fooled into thinking you’ve voted by pressing numbers on any automated call!
You CAN use your phone to report incidents like this to the state Democratic Party where a team of lawyers stands at the ready for swift action to keep our elections free and fair.
If you experience any problems, please call the hotline at
1-866-OUR-VOTE (866-687-8683)

Other reliable voter information is available here:

Meet Your Local Candidates Lunch -Saturday 10/29 11am – 1 pm

Come out to 386 McDonald Ln W in Cedar Creek (formerly Mr Brown’s Family Barbeque) and have sausage wraps, chips, soda and water while meeting your local Precinct 3 Candidates!

This Saturday, October 29, from 11 am – 1 pm

Mike Renck – Candidate for Sheriff
Mark Meuth – Candidate for County Commissioner, Precinct 3
Alex Peña – Candidate for Constable, Precinct 3

From our County Chair: The Republican War on Women comes to Bastrop County

There’s a saying commonly attributed to Tip O’Neill. I’m sure you’ve heard it. It goes like this: “All politics is local.” I couldn’t help thinking of that statement while reading an article in Thursday’s Bastrop Advertiser, recapping the Sheriff candidate forum hosted by the Chamber of Commerce on Monday, Oct. 17.

The article briefly discusses the employment history of both candidates. It seems that Republican candidate, Maurice Cook, left his position as chief of the Texas Rangers in 1996 amid a fair amount controversy, including a lawsuit by two women for gender discrimination and sexual harassment. He was given the choice to retire, be fired, or be transferred to a different department. He chose retirement.

It seems that the Republican war on women has indeed come to Bastrop County but it’s not just Cook.
Continue reading

From our County Chair: We’re all human. Some have Integrity.

The Bastrop Advertiser reported on Thursday that Travis Lucas, Republican candidate for Bastrop County Constable, Precinct 2, was fired from a position with the Bastrop Police Department in 2010. Apparently, Mr. Lucas failed to file a report of a stolen purse because, well, he didn’t believe the woman that reported the theft. Come to find out, the purse was found the next day in a nearby gas station parking lot, and that led to the department’s realization that the report had not been filed. Mr. Lucas then tried to cover his tracks by submitting a report that he had written only after the absence of a report was noted, intentionally falsifying the document with a fraudulent timestamp in the process. Continue reading

Why do climate change deniers refuse to accept reality?

Climate news overshadowed by celebrities and reality TV stars

The vast majority of climate scientists worldwide believe climate change is real and already is causing melting ice, rising seas and extreme weather. Most also believe that carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels – coal, oil and natural gas – is the primary cause.  Click for full article


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